Your Board of Commissioners for Saybrook Township Park wishes to thank the Saybrook voters for their continued support and confidence with the approval of the renewal levy on November 7th.  We continue to recognize economic conditions and the strain on family budgets so we have renewed the same millage of 10+ years ago when there was only the lakefront park.  The addition of Big Oak and Truesdell parks require us to be even more fiscally responsible with expenditures. The Board also appreciates the previous support of the voters for the erosion control project that was recently completed.  If that had not been finalized, park land and structures would have been in jeopardy of disappearing.Our goal is always to provide a beautiful setting for families to use and enjoy.  There is a huge legacy of families coming together at this picturesque lakefront venue.We have a list of projects that we would like to accomplish so we will be exploring grant opportunities and alternative funding sources so we can make upgrades and repairs as appropriate.Thank you.Saybrook Township Park Board